Asia Reformed Ministries exists to serve God and promote His glory among the people of Asia. To pursue that end, we serve the church in the following ways:

Planting Churches

Living under restrictions and persecution for decades, large numbers of Asian believers manifested God’s grace in their lives by pressing on in faith and not shrinking back. Now that churches are beginning to experience a growing measure of freedom, a cry has arisen from all areas for theological and ministerial training that will equip men to minister more effectively, to the end that the churches would thrive and prosper in the grace of God and be more aggressive and effective in the Great Commission. Many men across the country desire to plant new God-honoring churches. Others desire to see existing churches, languishing under superstitious-leaning traditionalism, reformed and revitalized. Believing this work best done by the Asian ministers themselves, we seek to serve them, providing mentoring, training and other practical helps to assist them as they plant and revitalize.

Training Pastors

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Asia Reformed Ministries aims to assist those called of God to fulfill the glorious vocation of pastoring His people. To do so, we seek to instruct the mind, to mold the character, and to enhance the abilities of each student, to the end that God would be magnified through His churches growing in the obedience of faith and the fullness of Christ, and that His fame would be spread to the ends of the earth.

This type of education comes in only one way – hard work. While some advertise that a seminary degree can be easily obtained through a mere few courses, often taken at home, we believe that self-sacrifice and self-discipline is not only a real part of the ministry, but also of ministerial preparation; those who are unwilling to exhibit hard work in the latter will not do so in the former either. Therefore, we unapologetically provide men with a strenuous and comprehensive theological education, not skimping in any way, so as to give our students the best possible training. We believe that the faithful administration of one’s ministry requires a certain amount of learning in biblical, historical, systematic, pastoral and practical theology if one is going to be sufficiently equipped to teach, exhort and convict, to counsel and shepherd, and to refute those who twist Scripture. None of this is done quickly, easily or cheaply.

To this end students come to a central location for modular courses over a 4-9 week period of time. Courses are generally onsite intensives that are taught over two weeks in English with translation into a native language. We hope and plan to expand into the area of distance education over the next few years. Presently we offer Diploma, Bachelors, and MDiv degrees to our students.

Providing Literature

Seeking to provide good resources for both pastors and laymen, we have been translating and printing literature for almost two decades. Our efforts have aimed to provide theological and practical works for pastors, as well as devotion and practical works for all Christians. In our early years we printed works like Walking with God and From Death to Life by J.C. Ryle, The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel, The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter, and many others. Recently we have printed Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Condition by Donald Whitney, Visiting the Sick by Brian Croft, and When Grace Comes Home by Terry Johnson.