Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil (Eccl 4:12). As we labor to build up churches in Asia, we are in need of partners. Two significant avenues of partnership are through prayer and giving.


Knowing that we can do nothing without the blessing of God upon our efforts, and that God normally uses prayer as a key means by which to accomplish His purposes, we beseech you to please pray for this ministry regularly. Through this site and our Facebook page, we will seek to keep you up-to-date with our various prayer needs.


Over the next four years the pastoral training portion of our ministry is undergoing significant expansion. In order to carry out this expansion, we are seeking partners to contribute towards our needs. Right now we have a one-time need of $100,000 in gifts. This will cover moving and set-up costs as we expand our work. Then we will continue to need regular monthly gifts to meet many of the needs listed below. Please remember: No gift is too small. Even gifts of $10 add up. Examples of ways you can partner in training pastors include the following:

One-time needs:

  • $36,000 will provide the first year’s rent on the training facility (rent is paid up-front, once/year)
  • Initial set-up of the training facility and office – items such as computers, tablets, beds, desks, printers, etc. Items both large and small are needed here

Regular needs (we need to fill these needs to meet our initial $100,000 and will then continue to need these needs meet on a regular basis):


Most students will cover their own tuition but we would like to have 25 scholarships available to help students as needed:

  • $34 will cover both the tuition and room/board for one credit hour for one student
  • $68 will cover both the tuition and room/board for two credit hours for one student
  • $500 will provide a travel scholarship for one student for one trimester


  • $1,000 will provide one employee’s salary for one month. We need four employees.
  • $3,000 will provide one month’s rent on the training facility where the students will study and live

If you would like to help in any measure, please click the “Donate” button on the right to donate securely through PayPal.