A group of about 20 believers in YK was without a leader. Having no direction and in peril from the many false teachers around, they were unsure what to do. When they found out about Brother Palmer, a student at our seminary, they took some time to get to know him, hopeful that he might be an answer to their prayer for leadership. At that time, Brother Palmer was a member of the YK church with which we have been associated, and so he asked Pastor Leyland about the matter. Pastor Leyland, knowing Palmer’s heart to pastor, and believing him ready and able, encouraged him to pursue it. Palmer was upfront with the people from the beginning about his reformed and baptistic convictions, and after discussing what that meant, the people all said they were in agreement and would be thrilled to go forward with him. He has been working with them now for about 9 months, and they are hoping to constitute by the end of the summer. Please pray that God would indeed establish them to become a church that shines brightly for the honor of Christ.

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