Brother Gary has watched as those about 10 years older than he – his  former teachers and spiritual big-brothers – tried to bring change into their church network. The older generation, however, was not keen on this, and refused to adopt needed changes so as to better align with Scripture, preferring instead to hold on to tradition and the advantages it afforded them. After much scuffling, Gary sadly watched those former teachers and big brothers fall into doing things the way the older generation has done them. Gary has wanted to avoid this pitfall, and so, after much prayer and counsel from several other pastors from the abroad and myself, he has peaceably pulled out to begin a new church plant. Myself and another missionary are presently providing assistance and supervision.

Right now there are 10 in attendance – 3 couples and 4 singles, two of the singles are not Christians but are “seekers.” Gary has also started Thursday night Bible study as an outreach of the church plant effort with 12 in attendance.

Please pray that God would draw more sinners into the fold through His gospel, as well as draw in many believers in that area who are in need of biblical shepherding. Also pray that the Lord would give Gary much wisdom and strength as he presses on through the challenges of the initial steps of church planting.

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