We recently had opportunity to see Greg again. Thank you for your prayers! Our God hears and abounds in compassion! At a ministers retreat Greg shared with tears to a group of 70 men of the hardships he has faced over the last couple of years. He testified that God graciously held on to him when he was down and discouraged, and enabled him to press on even while he was heartbroken over the ungodly behavior of so many of his former coworkers. Moreover, in God’s kindness, the harassments he had been experiencing have dwindled almost to nothing. As a result, he and those with him, a group of only about 12 brethren, are enjoying a season of respite. They are trying to take advantage of this time to evangelize the lost and to press forward towards constituting a church.

Please pray:

  • that God would bless their efforts in evangelism by bringing in a harvest of souls, and
  • that He would give them wisdom and a spirit of unity as they move forward in their thoughts and plans for constituting.

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