“We have preached the gospel and planted churches, but our leaders don’t know how to shepherd the churches. We need help with training our pastors!” Again and again we have heard this plea from all around the country. Thousands of churches with hundreds of thousands of believers, but so few men well equipped to lead the flocks.

Asia Reformed Evangelical Seminary (ARES) seeks to respond to this need. Our aim is to assist churches nationwide by training their men to better fulfill their calling. To do so we seek to instruct the mind, mold the character, and enhance the abilities of each student. We unapologetically provide a strenuous and comprehensive theological education, believing that the faithful administration of one’s ministry requires a man be sufficiently equipped in all the elements of his vocation. None of this is done quickly, easily or cheaply. Diploma level students require three years of full-time study to complete their program, while Bachelors and Masters levels require four.

This Fall ARES will move to a new location closer to where the majority of our students come from. We will also receive a new class of 50 students. Such changes and additions are financially challenging and far surpass our current budget. We are seeking financial partners to assist us in this growth and expansion. Would you prayerfully consider joining us by investing in the next generation of leaders for the churches in Asia?

One-time gifts for ARES move and set-up:

$100,000 total needed for items such as:

  • Training facility (1-year rent due up front)$36,000
  • Vehicle 15,000
  • Computer lab for students     7,000
  • Computers for staff   2,000
  • Classroom and Office Equipment3,000
  • Facility set-up
  • Family move

Increase of ongoing monthly needs:

  • Employee salaries (4 employees)$4,000/month
  • Facility rent 3,000/month
  • Student tuition scholarships 1,063/month
  • Student life scholarships (room/board)1,063/month

Funds are needed by the end of September 2014. Please contact us with any questions you might have.

We are grateful for your partnership in the gospel.

The Team at Asia Reformed Ministries

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