Greg had come to our training with some measure of suspicion, unsure what the “reformed faith” is all about. As time has gone on, God has blessed the ministry of His Word to Greg’s heart, and he has now fully embraced the doctrines of grace. This has not sat well with most of his coworkers. There has been murmuring among many of them for months, as, having failed to persuade him to recant of these “new” doctrines, they have tried to figure out a way to oust him from his position of leadership. Last year, an issue with a coworker’s son finally gave them such an opportunity. The son, in his mid-teens, had committed some sins that had become scandalous in the church. Greg recommended his coworker step down from ministry, but she responded with anger and quickly took the matter to other sisters, misrepresenting Greg by saying that he looked down on women. They then privately took the matter to church members, making the tale larger and larger until it reached the point that they were calling Greg “the worst of the worst in the church.” Finally he just stepped down. He is now ministering to a small group of believers in a city nearby his village, but even there he is experiencing trouble, as his former coworkers have followed his trail to the city and have spread the rumor that the seminary Greg attends is Eastern Lightning (a Chinese cult somewhat like the Branch Davidians), creating concern and some measure of distrust within this new group towards him. Please pray that God would give Greg grace in the midst of his trial to hold on to Christ and find rest for his soul in Christ’s love. Also pray that God would thwart the efforts of those troubling Greg so that he might be able to continue to minister in the city where he presently resides. Finally, pray that our Prince of Peace would sustain the new group in His peace and promote growth in spite of the mischief of those who oppose.

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